We have published our Sustainability report, where you among other things can learn about our carbon footprint pr. liter beer, our thoughts about social responsibility and our thougths going forward. 


Our Mission

We started out with a mission of challenging the perception of what makes a good beer in Denmark. This mission has expanded throughout the years to do so through organic ingredients, and a conscious brand. In 2022 we added a section to our purpose statement noting that we have a purpose to make a significant positive impact on the society and environment as a whole. This addition marks a new chapter of Nørrebro Bryghus, where we challenge the beer drinkers of Denmark also to consider the impact of the beer when they think of what makes a beer “good”.


The following sections describe some of the topics we work with, and which we see to be important and essential to our operation. We hope you want to join our path to achieving our mission, whether you are a beer enthusiast, another company or partner, so feel free to reach out!

We love beer, we love the planet, and we love the people. Welcome to our world of making our beers more socially and environmentally responsible. Enjoy.


Social responsibility and local engagement are essential parts of our values. Our employees are the most crucial part of our operation, which makes it a high priority to ensure that they have a fair and decent work environment. This means that all staff members are employed under collective agreement conditions or (funktionær) like contracts, and we highly value our coworkers' wellbeing.

We find it as a central part of our responsibility, to embrace all minorities, sexualities and genders, whether it being in our communication, the gender-neutral toilets at our bar, or in collaborations with our partners.


We were established on Nørrebro in 2003, and are proud to be a part of the diverse and flourishing neighborhood, which was praised to be the “World's Coolest Neighbourhood” by Time Out Magazine in 2021. We love Nørrebro and everything that makes our neighborhood what it is. 

Nørrebro has been developing rapidly since our establishment almost 20 years ago, and we embrace all the communities in our surroundings. We take an active part in our local environment, and we develop together with the neighborhood, which is such a central part of our identity.



The production of beer will always be resource demanding, which is why we continuously try to optimize our production, and make our carbon footprint as low as possible. We work with improvements in everything from water and energy consumption to purchasing of ingredients and the efficiency in the use of these ingredients. All of this is to work towards our target of achieving Zero Waste in our production, which we currently are close to achieving with already upcycling 96 % of our waste from production.

For more than 10 years, we have only been producing organic beers, as we believe it gives the best taste, as well as securing our customers transparency when they enjoy our beers.


Our employees are the most important part of our organization, therefore we want to ensure a safe environment for our workers. This includes health and safety measures, as well as securing that our workers actually feel included and engaged in the work environment. 

At Nørrebro Bryghus we strive to ensure that all employees can share their opinion on our work, and give feedback on our processes.

This is an important part of continuously developing our work, and ensuring a better environment for both workers and our surroundings.

We are furthermore proud of our diverse workforce, which represents a wide range of age groups.


We have a lot of good friends here at Nørrebro Bryghus, and we are always looking for new partnerships that makes sense. 

We strive to create partnerships that defines the Nørrebro area, and provide extra atmosphere to our wonderful capital , as well as partnerships with focus on minorities, different sexualities or other non-profit organisations.

A large part of our partnerships are based at Nørrebro, but since our beers also are tasty outside our own zip code, we are also looking for partners in other areas. 

Take a look at some of our partners here, and feel free to contact us with a partnership proposal if you wish to be part of our Nørrebro family.

    Do You share our values? Feel free to contact us - We are looking forward to hearing about your project. 


    It went viral, when we launched the Pisner beer in co-operation with Landbrug & Fødevarer.

    A beer made on urine, or at least we used the urine to fertilize the malt fields. The urine was gathered at the largest festival in Denmarj, Roskilde Festival, where we gathered 55.000 liters of urine, which was used as fertilizer.  

    A year after we launched the Pisner beer.
    The story went viral, and here are some of the mentions from around the world.



    All profit are donated to AIDS-Fondets work. 

    Summer of love, peace and space for everyone. 
    AIDS-Fondet og Nørrebro Bryghus launched this beer at  CPH Pride 2022.

    With this beer we wish to start the conversation about making room for everyone, no matter the colour of your skin, sexuality or HIV status.

    The design is made by  Sebastian Soelberg and reflects the diversity in our society.  


    In co-operartion with Il Buco and La Banchina our sub-brnad BRAW,  made an upcycled beer with leftover croissants and cinnamon rolls. 

    The idea was to prevent food waste in a tasty way. 


    Container brewery

    In 2021 we opened our container brewery at Reffen Street Food. It works like a experimental beer playground, where we brew 100% organic beers that are sold exclusively at our bar placed 5 meters from the brewery.

    We are open from march to october, so make sure to drop by when you are visiting the largest street food market in Northern Europe. 

    AGRAIN MASh products

    When brewing beer you have a leftover product called mash, which conventionaly has been used as animal food or been thrown away. 

    We believe that there is no reason for that, so we teamed up with Circular Food Technology, who are making flour, granola and crisps from our leftover mash. 

    You can taste the crisps in our restaurant and bar, or buy them online at our webhsop or visit Agrain's website, where you can read more about their philosophy. 


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