Save The Planet

It’s the only one with beer

We do know that brewing aren’t sustainable, but we are doing everything we can to minimize water wastage and recycle our waste products, in order to make our beers as sustainable as possible.

We aren’t fooling ourselves to believe that we can save the planet by serving vegan dishes, wear uniforms made by sustainable cotton or use our used grain in crisps and bread, but even small actions speaks louder than words.

Go Vegan!
Our kitchen staff at our Brewhouse at Nørrebro has picked up the fight with the classic brewpub dishes, which is one of the reasons that you can choose between several vegan dishes. We recommend our 4-course vegan seasonal menu in the evening, and we can see that our vegan dishes are in demand among our non-vegan guests as well.  

Circular Food Technology
When you are brewing beer you normally throw away all the used grain, but the grain still contains lots of energy. That is why we have started a co-operation with a company called Circular Food Technology, who are producing tasty crisps and flour of the used grain.

You can find the crisps in selected supermarkets from march 2020, and naturally also at our brewhouse.

ADP Planet

This t-shirt saves 2.700 liters of water!

That is the message on our uniforms in the restaurant, which are produced in co-operation with ADP Planet from Copenhagen Streetfood Market “Reffen”. When producing conventional cotton t-shirts, there are a lot of fabrics that are thrown away, but it is ADP Planets goal to change that, which is why they are making their shirts from the leftover fabrics.

Besides from t-shirts we also have bags from ADP Planet, which you can use to carry your beers home from our bottle shop. Do you want your own sustainable shirt? Follow the link to ADP Planets website.  

Project sustainable bottom line 2.0

I co-operation with the municipality of Copenhagen, we are a part of the project “Sustainable bottom line 2.0”, where all the process of our company are being greenified. The objective is to be more resource efficient and really get the circular economy going at our brewery.


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