Nørrebro Partners

We have a lot of friends here at Nørrebro Bryghus, and we are always looking for new partnerships that makes sense.

We are looking to create close partnerships that can define Nørrebro, and give our beautiful city some extra sparkle.

A lot of our partners are Nørrebro based, but we also have partners outside our zip code, cause our beers also taste good outside of Nørrebro.

If you think that your brand is a good match to Nørrebro Bryghus, then don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Lifes style store in the heart of Nørrebro close to Nørrebro Bryghus.

Packyard is the place where functionality and fashion meets. The boys behind the store all know the importance of functionality, cause they used to be professional skiers or snowboarders.

In the summer of 2019 we had a “Beer fitting room” campaign in the store, where you could get cooled down with a Nørrebro Bryghus beer, while you were trying out clothes.

We are looking forward to making new campaigns with the guys from one of the coolest stores in Nørrebro.  

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Pas Normal Studios

Are you looking for stylish cycling apparel?
Then we recommend a visit at the cycling clothes designers from Pas Normal.

Pas Normal are cycling around the world, and after a long day on the bike, you often need a cold beer from Nørrebro Bryghus.  

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Playground ApS & Soundboks

Packyard and Playground ApS have the same owners, and are both close friends of Nørrebro Bryghus. Playground works with high-end lifestyle brands, combined with cutting edge marketing and branding of the products.

During Distortion 2019 Playground held a big roof top party with great atmosphere and ice cold beers from Nørrebro Bryghus. At the party Soundboks delivered the sound with their great speaker sytems.

Circular Food Technology

Since the summer of 2019 we have donated our used grain to Circular Food Technology, who are making tasty crisps from the used grain.

You can find the crisps in selected supermarkets and at our brewhouse at Nørrebro, where we also try to incorporate the crisps in our food selection.

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Nørrebro United

We are a proud sponsor of the only football club at Nørrebro, which are much more than just a Sunday league club. The club takes responsibility in the local environment, and are dragging young people away from the streets and into the football pitch.

The club is a breathing space for a lot of youngsters, where they are a part of a team, for whom social relations are more important than the results on the pitch.

Visit Nørrebro United

SoHo Nomads

Make all of Copenhagen your working space.

As a member og SoHo Nomads you can choose your working space among a lot of venues.

We are a part of the network of work lounges, and as a member you can get free coffee, when you are working from Nørrebro Bryghus.

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Ajax Handball Ladies

We are supporting the talented handball ladies from Ajax (Not the one in Holland), who are playing in the best Danish league. The girls are working very hard on the training ground, meanwhile they are trying to balance a life with a full time job or studies.

That is one of the reasons that we think they deserve a cold beer in the dressing room after a win or at their Christmas lunch.  

You can follow the girls’ matches in HTH Ligaen in Bavnehøj Arena in Sydhavnen.

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Klampenborg Galopbane

North of Copenhagen you will find the horse track in Klampenborg, which are beautifully placed in the woods of Dyrehaven. The track is a place where speed, excitement and fun are going hand in hand.

We are excited for the co-operation and there are few things that beats an afternoon at the tracks with a cold craft beer in the hand.  

Visit Galopbanen

ADP Planet

This t-shirt saves 2.700 liters of water!

That is the message on our uniforms in the restaurant, which are produced in co-operation with ADP Planet from Copenhagen Streetfood Market “Reffen”. When producing conventional cotton t-shirts, there are a lot of fabrics that are thrown away, but it is ADP Planets goal to change that, which is why they are making their shirts from the leftover fabrics.

Besides from t-shirts we also have bags from ADP Planet, which you can use to carry your beers home from our bottle shop. Do you want your own sustainable shirt? Follow the link to ADP Planets website. 

Visit Adp Planet

Reffen Street Food

We are proud of our co-operation with the biggest street food market in Northern Europe. Reffen has in no time won a special place in Copenhageners hearts, and it is really hard to imagine Copenhagen without the excellent market at Reffen.

At Reffen you will find beers from both Nørrebro Bryghus and BRAW, and you can event try the unique Reffen IPA, which are only sold at the food market.

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Nørrebro CK

Nørrebro bicylce club is a community for people, who loves to ride a bike.

The club are represented by all levels of amateur cycling, so no matter your level, you can find a groupride where the pace suits you.

Nørrebro cykleklub is a modern and open club, where the members can influence the structure of the club and the training.

Visit Nørrebro CK

Stenbroen CC

Nørrebro based cycling community that meets at Nørrebro Bryghus for a beer every Tuesday after their training ride in the country side of Northern Zealand.

The ride is open for everyone, and if you feel like joining, just show up at Skt Hans Torv at 17.30 with your bike.

Visit Stenbroen CC

Kalles Kaffe

The green coffee mopeds from Kalles Coffee are all over the Copenhagen landscape in the summertime, but they actually also have a Nørrebro Bryghus beer moped in their fleet.

We have educated the talented baristas in beer, so they can guide you around our beer universe.

You can rent the moped for your private party, office party or other activities.

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Nørrebro Teater

A couple of hundred meters away from the brewhouse you will find Nørrebro Theatre. The theatre is an institution in the local environment and a powerhouse within entertainment, where you will find stand-up, concerts, musicals and much more.

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