• Gamle Københavner


Gamle Københavner


Bavarian lager - 4,5%

This Bavarian lager with 4,5% alcohol, are brewed with respect for the brewing traditions and brewing history in Copenhagen.

It is brewed with organic malt from Danish Malt house Gyrupgård, and is brewed with respect for the classic Bavarian brewing law “Reinheitgebot”. The law means that you are only allowed to have 4 ingredients in the beer: hops, yeast, malt and water which makes the beer low on carbonic aid and gives an authentic taste.


Even though the “Reinheitgebot” sounds like an ancient law, it actually existed until 1987, where the European Union changed the more than 450 years old law.

The perfect fit for:
Classic Danish lunch and pot roasts.

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100% organic

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