Christmas menu

Served from the 4th of november

The evening menu is served from 17.00

Nørrebro Bryghus is the place, where food and beer meets.

You can freely pick and mix between all of our courses, where you find both vegetarian and vegan options. 

We recommend our 7-course menu, which takes you on a tasting journey with many different expressions.


Menu card

You can pick or mix your menu or try our 7-course menu.

7-course menu
Lean back and enjoy the 7 courses that are served over 3 servings.
350 DKK

The menu is also available in a 100% vegetarian version.

Add beer menu
You will get both a beer cocktail and 3 selected beers to fit the menu perfectly.
250 DKK

Pick and mix your favourites.
We recommend 3-4 dishes.

Ceviche from cod
Dill, cucumber, chives, Bruxelles sprout
95 DKK

Holbæk Fjord Ham
Stracciatella, gremolata
110 DKK

Beef Tartar
Crisps, cranberries, estragon mayo
110 DKK

Pickled Zucchini
Fried rice noodles,  peaches, teriyaki
95 DKK


Wasabi, shiso
65 DKK

Duck breast
Glazed pork breast, beetroot, celery, beetroot/Ravnsborg Rød sauce
195 DKK

Baked Saithe
Glazed white turnip, mussel sauce, pickled fennel, dill
185 DKK

Potato/leek pie
Salt baked beetroot, celery, winter truffle
185 DKK

Cherry mousse
Marcipan ice cream, malt, lemon
85 DKK


Nørrebro Bryghus
Ryesgade 3
2200København N

Cvr. nr. 26882451

Phone: 3530 0530

Henvendelser vedr. selskaber sker via vores selskabs formular her

Opening hours

Monday: Only open i BRAW Bar 15-23


The last order must be ordered before 22.00 Monday - Saturday and before 21.00 on Sundays.

Closing days
17. and 18. of april due to Easter

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