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New York Lager

New York Lager - 5,2 %
A traditional, american beer during fermentation from the time before prohibition. Powerful, rich, dark golden beer at 5.2% alcohol. Intense malt character with caramel notes, pronounced bitterness and a flowery aroma of north american cascade hops.

Bombay Pale Ale

India Pale Ale - 6,5 %
Nørrebro Bryghus’ take on a popular favourite of ale lovers everywhere – india pale ale. A bold beer with deep and intense character from organic malt. The fruity ale aromas are joined by the intense flavour of hops, which are added after fermentation. Bombay Ipa has distinctive fullness, bitterness and sweetness.

Nørrebro Pilsner


Ravnsborg RED

Red Ale - 5,5 %
A variant of the classic british amber or red ale. Reddish brown, soft, round and full-bodied beer around 5.5% alcohol. Close malt character mixed with an intense fruity and aromatic fragrance. The taste is dominated by fruit and a spicy touch of amarillo hops. Mild bitterness and a creamy filling.

Stuykman Weissbier

5,0 %
Is a traditional german weissbier made with organic lager malt and wheat malt. A refreshing, slightly sour beer, full of sweetness. Stuykman Weissbier is a perfect aperitif and thirstquencher, but is also fabulous with salads, fish and shellfish.

Böhmer Pilsner

5,0 %
As the name suggests, this lager more than strongly inspired by the bohemian pilsner tradition. Brewed exclusively on bohemian malt and saaz hops, that as his role models characterized by mild malt flavors with a subtle spicy hop spots. The taste is round and very fullbodied without bitterness intrusive, and the strength is in the classic 5.0% alcohol.

King´s County Brown Ale

Nørrebro Brewery ‘first guest brew. - a classic american brown ale at 5.5% alcohol modeled after guest brewer garrett oliver’s own brooklyn brown ale. Dark, medium full-bodied, fruity ale with a flavor of nuts, chocolate and dried fruit

Nordvest Porter

Nørrebro Bryghus’ classic porter, brewed with organic ingredients: malt, oats and hops. Nordvest Porter brings a powerful aroma and deep brown colour to the table. Notes of dried fruit and milk chocolate give this beer a round and sweet flavour, just as a true stout lover would expect.


25 cl. (draught) - DKK 49
33 cl. (bottle) - DKK 54
40 cl. (draught) - DKK 69


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