Our beer secrets

Our secret at Nørrebro Bryghus is, that we have no secrets!

According to brew master Michael Rahbek the aim is to brew beer with respect for traditions and with focus on the best ingredients and quality.

Stability and good craftmanship
Stability and quality are some of the key words for the brewers at Nørrebro Bryghus. Our recipes have been renewed, which is why we can present a product, that we are really proud of: flawless beers – exactly like you had them the last time you drank them. And if they do not taste exactly like last time, it is becausee we have improved them!

We aspire to be a brewery that all guests can rely on. At Nørrebro Bryghus we want to craft good beers – every time.

Our focus is to brew tasty beers, where good hand craft is of highest importance  - and that is why we don’t feel the need to re-Invent our beers to a stage, where you cannot recognize the classics.

“My favourite beer is a beer without flaws” – Michael Rahbek, brew master

A beer for all occasions
Our beer family consists of old classics as well as newer members, In that way you can always find the perfect beer for any occasion.

Whether you are on the beach, a bodega full of smoke or a third place, we have a beer, that fits the situation perfectly – read more about our selection here.

A beer takes the time a beer takes
A beer needs the exact right amount of time to develop the right taste. It is as simple as that. There is no overall rule for how long that is, because It depends on the type of beer.

At Nørrebro Bryghus we honour the process, which is why we don’t compromise with the fermentation time in the brewing process. Our lager spends six weeks in the fermentation tank before it has the completely right taste.

We plan our production very carefully, but because of the fact that our beers take time to brew, you can risk that they are still waiting for a new badge at your local watering hole. In that case we will always have provided a substitute from our beer family until your old favourite is back.

The best "malterials" provides the best beer

No Nørrebro Bryghus without the best ingredients! To make the best beer, we need the best ingredients and therefore we are always looking for the best of the best.

We always start our ingredient hunt in our own Danish backyard, but our search for good ingredients has taken us all over the world.

The journey begins in Thy at a small malt house called Gyrupgård, from where we receive the malt to our Gamle Københavner, Dark Lager. The family owned business is a combination of organic agriculture, a whiskey distillery and a malt house, run by Andreas and Jakob.

These three areas of  business allows Gyrupgård the opportunity to create an almost circular agriculture, because big parts of the leftover products are being reused in other parts of the production.

The Danish weather is the reason why we can’t use Danish hops. Not two summers are alike which can result in a big difference in quality and taste.

So instead we look south to our neighbours in Germany, where we get a lot of hops to our production. We also get a big part of our malt from Weyermann in Bramberg.

The weather actually has a great impact on taste both in hops and malt, so our vendors varies all due to which flavours we want to highlight. But common for all is that they don’t settle on quality and they are all 100 % organic.

The brewing process

To create a good beer we need to use the four main ingredients: malt, hops, water and yeast – and the absolute best of their kind. To that we add a great recipe and spice it up with a thorough and talented brewer – and that is what we call a perfect match.

Malt gives the beer its colour and sweetness. The malt is grinded and all the good stuff is extracted by the brew water. Next the shells from the malt grains are removed in a big strainer and the wort is boiled along with all of our wonderful hops, which will preserve the beer and give it the bitterness and fruity aromas.

The next step is the fermentation process, where the yeast will process the sugar and turn it into alcohol, but it will also create the natural carbonic acid we find in beer. At last the beer just needs to or mature, which can take from a few weeks to several years depending on the type.

Then there is only one thing left to do: to enjoy the beer – and that is done best at Nørrebro Bryghus.


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